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A collaboration between Northern Ireland Hospice, Wild in Art and Andersen Press, brought David McKee’s popular children’s character Elmer the Patchwork Elephant to landmarks, streets, and open spaces in Belfast, from 20th June - 31st August 2022.

Hannah's Elmer statue!

He is called Cecil after the man who drew the original Titanic blueprints; Cecil Arthur Allen.

She submitted 2 designs & wanted them to be quintessentially Belfast. The first was based around Botanic Gardens, which is definitely "quintessentially Belfast" for people from the city. Naturally, when she wanted to make something more recognisable for people from Belfast and from further afield, Titanic became the central subject matter for her second, and winning, design. During research she came across the Titanic blueprints and fell in love with the idea of turning this intriuging linework into a clean chopped up mechanical patchwork, to help incorporate some of the classic    Elmer characteristics. Hannah enjoyed this; combining a textile pattern with something mechanical as her Mum is a Fashion designer and Dad is an engineer, she says that this made the design feel like it was 'meant to be'.

Cecil was grandly positioned centrally on the slipways behind Belfast's Titanic museum. A fantastic spot for tourists and Elmer fans to spy the original little staue.

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Whilst typically working on a 2D format Hannah really enjoyed transferring her work onto a 3D platform and learning how to apply clean, straight lines to a curved surface.
Blick Studios provided a fantastic space for Hannah  to work in and she enjoyed the experience so much she is now working in the Cotton Court studios.

Elmer: Video
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